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Footrest In Chamber Of Princess
Kateryna has her victim under her feet. Man is perfect human furniture for her legs. Woman put her barefoot on his face and use him as a footstool. ...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 21.10.2016

Seine Hände unter meinen harten Stiefeln
Für dieses Hand-Trampling hab ich meine Dockers Stiefel angezogen - die haben eine schön harte Sohle und ein echt fieses Profil - perfekt um die Sklavenhände zu trampeln! Ich laufe vor und zurück über seine Hände und Handflächen - stelle mich mit vol...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 21.10.2016

Approaching Strangers
After multiple failed attempts of approaching complete strangers we finally have another success to share with our fans! With the help of my friend Murderotica we finally manage to convince a total stranger to trample me in public! Her initial reacti...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 20.10.2016

Lisa - Trampling without Rest
Lisa wants to make some tea and use Alex as a carpet. She stand on the slave's chest and stomach with full weight. Lisa tramples slave without rest, even when she sit for a second she press her foot into the slave's body pretty hard. Lisa also use Al...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 20.10.2016

Two sexy brutal Miss Tamara and Miss Koralie brutal trample
Brutal full weight body trample, full weight face trample, brutal cock and balls trample, facewalk, legs trample,double corporal puinishement Under our 2 brutal sexy Goddess Miss Tamara and Miss Koralie...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 20.10.2016

The savage Goddess Miss Ambre extreme high heels boots punishement
Savage full weight body trample, extreme face torture, extreme face jumping, brutal body torture, savage cock and ball trample full weight, , full weight throat crushing, ballbusting, CBT, full weight body jumping Under the killer high heels boots of...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 18.10.2016

Gesicht mit Flip-Flops und barfuß getrampelt
Der Sklave dachte schon er würde heute beim Trampling geschont werden als er mich in Flip-Flops gesehen hat - aber das war bevor ich seinen Kopf in die Facetrampling Box gesteckt habe! :-D Ich laufe über sein Gesicht und seinem Schmerz-stöhnen nach z...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 18.10.2016

Attacker Gets Punishment
Man attack Gold Lady and her bodyguard Cat Woman. Cat Woman defeated a man and both women make victory poses with lie man. Black Cat trampling him to show her power over him. Next Cat Woman make command of Gold Woman to punish a man. ...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 18.10.2016

FIRST TIME of our new Russians Goddesses of destruction Miss Anya & Miss Christyna
Extreme body destruction, extreme ballbusting, extreme body bsting, extreme body and face whipping, savage full weight cock and balls jumping, savage trample, extreme facebusting, brutal face trample with our new Russian extreme Goddesses Miss Anya a...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 16.10.2016

Miss Diana savage Reebok violence
Savage full body trample, extreme full weight face trample, savage hands trample, cock and balls mashing, brutal cock and balls stompong, extreme full weight cock and balls torture, brutal CBT, throat crushin, brutal jumping Under the Reebok of our b...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 15.10.2016

Gesicht mit Flip-Flops und barfuß getrampelt
Der Sklave dachte schon er würde heute beim Trampling geschont werden als er mich in Flip-Flops gesehen hat - aber das war bevor ich seinen Kopf in die Facetrampling Box gesteckt habe! :-D Ich laufe über sein Gesicht und seinem Schmerz-stöhnen nach z...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 15.10.2016

Miss Arella extreme high heels boots body punishement
Brutal full body trample,extreme facde trample, extreme heels deep throat, brutal cock and balls bustingextreme full weight throat trample, brutal body torture, cock and balls trample, cock and balls stomping Under the extreme high heels boots of our...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 13.10.2016

brutal stocking foot trample
Mistress Morgan trample her slave hardly under her stocking foot, she stomp him, stand on his face and throat and kick realy hardly. Mistress Morgan is without pity in this clip...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 12.10.2016

Miss Imane brutal high heels trample
brutal full body trample, savage full weight body jumping, savage face trample, face torture, savage cock and balls torture under the sexy high heels shoes of our brutal Goddess Miss Imane...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 11.10.2016

Mistress Natalia - New Boots Trampling
Mistress Natalia buys new heavy boots. She already walks on street and now comes home and want to trample Alex with them. Soles are very rough and make alot of pain to the slave. Mistress Natalia stay on Alex's chest and belly with her full weight (7...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 10.10.2016

Stomps 'Em Out with Mom's Hard Boot Heels
My stupid perv ****** always gets an instant boner when my mom wears these boots. She's worn them so much that they stink. I wore them to school today too & now both our feet have sweat in them. So they stink even worse. All I have to do is talk abou...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 09.10.2016

Miss Katarina savage black boots busting
Extreme facebusting, extreme ballbusting, savage body busting, extreme body jumping, savage face trample, extreme balls stomping, CBT under the boots of our sadistic Goddess Miss Katarina...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 09.10.2016

Extreme full weight body trample savage body and face stomping, extreme face trample, brutal facewalk, savage bosy trample, savage double hands destruction, savage arms trample and stomping, extreme stomping Under the boots of our 2 extreme Algerian ...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 08.10.2016

Cruel hand crush and shoes cleaning
Mistress Kitty get her high heeled shoes licked clean while she crush the hand of her slave, she stomps his hands, crush it hardly and torture it with her heels, she then crush his tongue between her shoes's soles and her heel....
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 07.10.2016

Summer Under Colette 3
Colette continues crushing the skrawny weakling beneath her feet! She tramples his upper body, steps on his throat, tramples his hand and arm until he gives in to the pain and stops the shoot!...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 07.10.2016

Miss Ambre extreme flat sandals punishement
Extreme full weight full body trample, full weight face trample, brutal throat crushing, brutal full weight face jumping, body jumping, extreme cock and balls trample, savage cock and balls stomping, ballbusting, cock and balls squish and extreme coc...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 04.10.2016

Our sexy brutal Goddess Miss Laurie with high heels destruction
Extreme full body trample, extreme full weight body jumping, savage body torture, extreme face jumping, face torture, brutal body torture, full weight throat trample, extreme cock and balls trample Under the killer high heels of our sexy brutal Godde...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 01.10.2016

Ala And Her Doormat Part1
Ala put her slave to the box. She make her feet filthy. Man must clean her dirty feet as a good doormat. ...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 01.10.2016

Hände des Stiefelleckers getrampelt
Ich hab den Sklaven auf einen Waldspaziergang mitgenommen und sehe plötzlich einen Hochstand. Ich steige die Leiter hoch und zeige Dir das brutale Profil meiner Wanderstiefel - dann muss der Sklave seine Hände auf die Stufen legen! Ich trete auf sein...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 30.09.2016

Four as one 2
The group of four girls meet at the same time in the same place. They make a fetish party between themselves. They are not soldiers but when the friends are together they make some circle of happiness and fantasy. Meg, Britney, Maya and Nina, a new o...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 30.09.2016